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The term marketing can mean different things. Some people link it purely to sales, others to a complex management task to get the ‘message’ across.

We view it as getting ‘your story’ told to the people you want to hear it at the right time. That could be situations such as product or service launches, promotional campaigns, product changes or simply letting people know you exist. We do this of course in our medium of choice- eSpace and with a mixture of science, experience and software.

We work with you to develop your ‘story’. It has to be one which you like and are comfortable with, that shows your values and what you have to offer and is able to be heard by your target audience.

We can then work with you to get your message across to the wider world. Together we can
Identify your current and potential online markets (these may be different from your traditional audiences)
Make the best use of targeted promotional techniques to attract high quality traffic

Provide appropriate and engaging content to draw visitors deep into your site including compelling calls to action that generate leads and produce results

 Maximize revenue-generating and cost-savings opportunities to ensure optimum return on investment

Website Promotion.
As the internet has evolved, it has taken on aspects of the ‘real’ world.  The search engines are important players in your organisation. Where your position is on Google, Yahoo and MSN search results can matter a great deal- rather like the location of physical property. 

To understand if your website is search engine friendly, the following questions are asked

  • Are you visible on the search engines? Do the search engine spiders index your site and are you listed in the top in the search directories?
  •  Are you visible on the search engine for the keywords used by your potential customers?
  •  Has your site been optimized for specific keywords that your potential customers use?
  •  What is the quality of your visibility? Where does your firm rank in the search results?

 What we can do then is

  • Optimize the website for keywords that are most searched for locating your business.
  • Submit your site to major & support search engines and directories.
  • Use techniques derived from search engine algorithm top ranking in the search engines.
  • Monitor and maintain high ranking once achieved.

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 Marketing Analysis
Once just knowing visitor numbers to your site was enough- no longer. You need to know more about visitor activity- how they found your site and what they did and didn’t see. Using software tools to unlock the raw data we can tell you

  •  Which links to my site generate the most traffic?
  • Which search engines bring me the most visitors?
  • What pages in my site are the most popular? Least popular?
  • Which page in my site is the one that causes people to leave and go elsewhere?
  • What time of day is traffic to my site the busiest? What days of the week? What months of the year?

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Site Assessment
What we can do is review your site and website product offering and provide guidance as to where to go next. This includes

  •  Identifying opportunities for further online revenue-generating activities
  •  Identifying opportunities for improved or additional functionality
  •  Defining points of sale or interaction where you could increase conversion rates
  • Evaluating your current use of online marketing and public relations strategies

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Project Feasibility Analysis
If you have an idea for a web based business, We can help you evaluate all aspects of this and give you an idea of what costs you will be looking at for development, timeframe towards Return On Investment, or whether or not your intended audience is even online (yet!).
We may even decide to partner together on a risk and revenue basis.

For more details contact us to discuss further.

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