Hosting and URL
These are services that are supplied by other companies that we can manage for you
Hosting and URLs

When your site is created it needs to live on a server which has a connection to the internet. The server can be anywhere in the world- even within your own organization. The important features of its location are that the internet connection has to be fast, the site physically secure and the server very reliable. For these reasons we use a USA based hosting service. We chose our supplier after extensive research and have not been disappointed. Our own site is with the hoster we recommend for our customers.

A URL is also referred to as a web address. It is the www. Name that your site will have. The names are sold by organisations that are connected to the relevant licensing authority, and have to be renewed every 1 or 2 years.

What we can do
We suggest that we supply the hosting package and URL for you. We can ensure that your URL does not expire and can offer very low hosting deals from as little as £20 per year. This saves you management time and having to deal with another supplier

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