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A website can be described as having three attributes. Design, functionality and content. In thinking about having a website it is worth contemplating what these terms mean.

As the word suggests , this is what the website looks like to the site visitor. It includes logos, font styles and sizes, colours, images, graphics, colours  and photographs.  The design will say something about the individual or organisation  the site is representing.  Once a static design has been developed, it is then possible to make it become more active by using Flash animation.

There are two web approaches to design. A site like this one has a distinct and custom design. A brief was given to a designer who came up with two suggestions, one of which was selected and then slightly modified.

The other way is to select a web template from a selection of premade designs. These generic templates are often used in content rich sites or company start up or individual's sites. They have been traditionally less expensive than the custom design
We can hapilly quote on and provide both design types. The design questionnaire is a pointer to the type of design you would want. Once this is completed we can easily quote.

Once a visitor has taken that decision to visit a site (providing the design has not put them off) What often makes them stay is how the site operates. Most of this side of website creation is hidden from the visitor. The speed of website loading, how well the links work between pages, the site navigation and logic, the ability to e-mail a contact are all the types of features that a web developer creates within a site.
The other side of this coin is the ability of the site owner (the customer) to be able to update and amend the site in real time. This is done by a CMS or content management piece of software. The link to the left details which CMS systems we use.

The content of a website is the responsibility of the customer, however we are happy to give an opinion on the type and style of web content if so desired.

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