This is our step-by-step guide to how we progress a customer project
Our structured approach is the same whatever your requirement. Once we have made contact the process begins.

Initial Quote

You will probably have a general idea of what you want. If you let us know, we will give a best guess ‘budget figure’. This will give you an estimate of the cost and timeframe for completion.

On-line survey

The first step is the completion of our on-line questionnaire. The completion of this document enables you to reflect on what you want, what you want to achieve, what you like and what you don’t like in relation to websites. From this we are able to suggest a solution to your requirement.

Project decision

After a period of thought and deliberation a solution is decided upon. At this stage you, place an order subject to our terms and conditions, and a project plan is produced.

 Regular updates

We will update you on how the plan is progressing as appropriate. This could be daily or weekly as appropriate.

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